27. 08. 2020

Curriculum Vitae

JUDr. Ondřej Dostál, Ph.D., LL.M. (*25.1.1979)



  • 2006    LL.M. in Health Law and Policy, Saint Louis University School of Law
  • 2005    Ph.D. in International, European and Constitutional Law, Charles University in Prague School of Law
  • 2004    JUDr. (Iuris Doctor)inCriminal Law, Charles University in Prague School of Law,
  • 2003    Mgr. in Law and Legal Science, Charles University in Prague School of Law, 2003       

Research and study programs

  • 2005-2006      William C. Fulbright Scholarship Program, St. Louis University School of Law, Center for Health Care Studies, USA
  • 2001-2002      Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund scholarship, research project “Czech Health Care in European Context”, Universität Salzburg School of Law, Austria         
  • 2000-2001      Erasmus/Socrates Program, Universität Salzburg School of Law, Austria

Work History

  • 2021-now       Vice-Chairman of Health Committee, Pilsner Region, Czech Republic
  • 2016-2018      Head of Health&Pharma, PriceWaterhouseCoopers Legal s.r.o., Prague
  • 2004-now       Institute for Postgraduate Education in Healthcare, lecturer in Health law
  • 2014-2016      Advisor to Deputy Ing.L.Hovorka, Member of Parliament
  • 2013-2014      Czech Republic Ministry of Health, advisor to Minister of Health
  • 2011-2013      Czech Republic Ministry of Health, Legislative Committee of Minister
  • 2006-2011      Charles University in Prague, 3rd School of Medicine, Center for Health Law, Head of Department 
  • 2004-2010      Holubova-Advokati Law Firm, Prague, lawyer

 Academic awards

  • 2018    Pro Bono Award for the PwC Legal team, legal aid to patients in health access cases
  • 2007    Czech Bar Association Lawyer of the Year award for the paper “Role of Medical Malpractice Law in Health Care Quality Promotion”
  • 2006    Association de Recherche et de Formation en Droit Médical Prize for presentation “Direct Surplus Payments for Services Already Covered By a Public Health Plan: a Threat to Equitable Access or an Instrument of Patient Autonomy?” awarded during the 16th World Congress of Medical Law, Toulouse
  • 2005    Dr. Paul Janssen Award for publication “Patient Rights in Europe and Czech Health Care System”,
  • 2003    Charles University Bolzano Award for the diploma thesis “Physician, Patient and Criminal Law”